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Tomorrow Trust and Tomorrow Project

The People Business


The People Business Group's
broad transformation policy is to embrace all the elements of Board Based Black Empowerment and establish economic Employee Equity and to develop, from within, PDI's. This is being done by engaging people in career paths that enable them to grow and develop to a level that is widely recognised within the current business market, thus enabling them to develop a passion and confidence for their chosen career path and offer our clients the superior level of service we pride ourselves in.

As a Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE) in the Business Services sector in terms of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), we are therefore eligible to be measured in terms of Codes 1000 - 1700 of the Broad Based Black Ecnomic Empowerment Act, Section 9(5): Codes of Good Practice

The QSE Scorecard sets 10 year compliance targets and so we have set ourselves aggressive targets to transform the demographics of our organisation by the designated timeframe, especially in the areas of management and control, and to expand our long standing focus on social responsibility, preferential procurement and skills development.

In terms of the QSE Scorecard, we can elect to only measure our BBBEE contribution on 5 of the 7 scorecard areas.

But we have clear and specific goals: we will continue to actively contribute to the transformation of South Africa and its business landscape and our target, to which all are committed to, is to be measured on all aspects of the QSE scorecard by 2010, well before the compliance deadline date.

Equity Ownership

The People Business Group (Pty) Ltd is a Black Empowered Organisation with 35% internal staff equity representation. The following is the composition of the Board of Directors:

  • Jill Hamlyn:CEO (White Female 81%)
  • Peter Mbelengwa: Non-Executive Director (Black Male 13%)
  • Kathleen Genade: Executive Director (White Female 4%)
  • Jenny Senneck: Executive Director White Female 2%

Corporate Social Investment/Responsibility

We are very proud of our Social Responsibility efforts and programmes, which we believe represent a level of community involvement that typically would be associated with a company many times larger.

We were the first company in South Africa to launch a business orientation skills programme for graduates and learners entering the environment. We piloted this initiative partnering with the Oracle Academy more than 6 years ago, and have now assisted many other companies in the management of their academies and learning programmes for the disadvantaged members of our communities. Companies include Compuware Corporation, Dell and Software AG.

2004 saw us focus on education and we therefore donated money to the Educational Support Services Trust to “Adopt-a-pupil”, which sponsors a child for one year in school. The money donated covers fees, books and general schooling costs.

One of the major projects we have supported on an on-going basis is Riversands Farm School. They pride themselves on being a "Centre of Excellence” and were in desperate need of a new classroom. Last year we therefore donated money towards them building their new classroom.

As of the middle of 2005, we took the decision to focus on one worthy charity and so sponsor a wonderful place called Barkston Place As a company we like working with extraordinary individuals who want to make a difference and the story of Barkston Place is truly remarkable. Barkston Place has been established to provide a family home to four children, orphaned by the HIV scourge.

Our entire team gets involved in organising activities and volunteering their time for the children at Barkston. We feel really privileged to be able to make a difference in the lives of 4 very special children whom we know will become future leaders in their own rights!

Tomorrow Trust and Tomorrow Project

The Tomorrow Trust and Tomorrow Project is a new initiative that has been created as a dynamic organisation which will address the crises that the orphans affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa find themselves in.

The Tomorrow Trust and Project is firmly committed to financing and supporting tertiary education for orphans affected by HIV/AIDS. The Trust will supply the support structures for orphans to pass their final school exams in order to follow a path that they are passionate about to create a future for themselves and their families in society, the economy and the country as a whole. Issues that are a challenge for the Orphans affected by AIDS will be addressed – food, transport etc.

As one of our values is “Investing in the future”, we decided to support this trust in the investment of creating and developing tomorrow’s leaders and have therefore contributed funds in the radiothon which was aired on 94.7 Highveld Stereo on Wednesday, the 14th of June 2006.

Innovation Hub

In order to grasp the many emerging global opportunities, The Innovation Hub as a high-tech cluster - and the first internationally benchmarked Science Park in Southern Africa - creates an environment where international businesses can access a regional centre of knowledge creation and provides a gateway for local businesses to successfully launch into the fast moving world of global interconnectivity. One of 11 "Blue IQ" projects, The Innovation Hub forms part of a multi-billion Rand initiative by the Gauteng Provincial Government to invest in economic infrastructure development in smart industries to establish Gauteng as a truly 'smart' province.

After many discovery meetings, The People Business Group has aligned with The Innovation Hub as part of our Corporate Social Investment initiatives to provide development and mentoring to budding entrepreneurs in their Business Incubator project and life skills training to the Interns on their CoachLab project.

Business Incubator: Entrepreneurial Leadership Development Workshops
The focus of the Business Incubator is around developing the leaders of tomorrow specifically as entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneurial company ourselves, The People Business Group has a special understanding of the issues and challenges around running a business.

With a wealth of knowledge to share and a like minded approach to developing the business leaders of tomorrow as a core foundation upon which our company rests, we have partnered in the Business Incubator project, as well as the other entrepreneurs and businesses currently on site, to develop some key skills.

CoachLab: Young Leaders Life Skills Development
In our experience, one of the keys to the success of the learners and interns is not only a focus on technical abilities, but the development of junior management and leadership abilities that will orientate each individual, offering them the ability to gain the confidence and skills to move into the corporate environment with self-assurance and an increased level of professionalism. We have therefore partnered in running group development workshops around life skills and junior leadership abilities.

This is truly a very exciting initiative and one that we feel very passionate about. We believe we are once again moving the company to the next level in terms of visibility, credibility and market exposure and look forward to our involvement as the project enfolds.

Please browse the Innovation Hub website for further details. Specifically refer to the Knowledge Partners section for our information.



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