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Assignment based recruitment

Assignment based recruitment is a process whereby vacancies arise on a random basis, but an on-going commitment between The People Business and the client is established and a trust partnership formed.

Through our in depth knowledge of the IT industry, our database expertise and our extensive networking capability we are able to source, interview, perform a DISC profile and provide reference and credit checks (where requested) as part of a highly professional recruitment service offering.

Our differentiating factor in this category is not only the selection of high talent individuals who meet the technical requirements provided, but who also have an excellence in attitude. For more mature companies that take pride in their people and who identify that specific behavioural skills are essential for continued success within their environment, our consultants ensure that a professional and truly caring and pro-active service is offered to both the client and applicants. This ensures an accurate matching of like with like, and ensures the positive building of the client's reputation.

Believing that the reputation of our own organisation and that of our clients can be directly reflected by the business partnerships that we form, our consultant's ensure that they create a positive effect on the successful marketing of the clients environment and ensuring the provision of accurately defined expectations.

As references testify, companies who have effectively partnered with us comment on the effectiveness of building a relationship with ourselves, and utilising our inbred commitment and pro-active customer relationship to build a competitive advantage.

The normal fee charged for assignment-based recruitment is 20% of total cost to company. Where The People Business Group, along with a maximum of 2 other suppliers are entrusted with filling vacancies, as and when they arise, this fee can be negotiated. Should the client wish to deal with a larger array of suppliers, should there be little commitment to the recruitment process or little time taken in ensuring that the dignity of all applications are upheld then we are still willing to be utilised to fill the more difficult technical or managerial vacancies on an assignment basis, however our fees in these instances cannot be negotiated.

Recruiting & Developing (Integrated Recruitment Model)

As we uniquely positioned within the field of Executive Personal Coaching we are able to offer a highly specialised recruitment service that not only sources the most suitable applicant for our clients but also ensures highly cost effective rapid personal development for the individual concerned. Working in partnership with the Executive Consulting division we offer the services of experienced coaches who have been personally supervised throughout the practical 6-month executive personal coaching academy offered by The People Business Group.

The process commences with a leadership behavioural assessment, which is completed on all potential applicants. As part of the placement process and depending on level, either a 6-month coaching contract or a series of development modules on leadership and management skills is offered.

Through working with a professional Executive Personal Coach, each successful applicant is thus enabled to more effectively assimilate themselves into the clients environment and a dedicated focus is made in ensuring the development of appropriate behavioural and business focused skills that are aligned with the requirements of the position and the environment. Continual feedback and updates are provided to the key sponsor from within the clients setting. Once established within the environment, and where appropriate, 360-degree surveys are also conducted as part of the process.

This service is only offered to clients on an exclusive assignment basis. The total cost of the recruitment and the coaching intervention combined is 25% of the total cost to company. As the coaching is often outsourced to a suitable member of The People Business Coaching Fraternity this fee is unfortunately not negotiable.

Project based recruitment

Where a client is undertaking a large recruitment drive then we offer project based recruitment services. Through in depth consultations a senior professional shall provide a dedicated and tailor made service that reviews the scope of the project, offers expert insight into the current state of the market and the availability of the skills required and who is able to complete a comparative study providing an accurate up to date insight on remuneration.

Due to our established reputation within the market, where appropriate, we can operate as a representative for the client and effectively build up relationships with other professional recruiters taking charge of the total project and ensuring that all positions are filled in an efficient manner. This service can also include performing all first line interviews in order to ensure that there is no unnecessary time wastage through inappropriate interviewing by the client. Recommendations and management consultations on the various positions are all part of the service.

The charge for these services is dependent upon the nature and depth of each individual recruitment project and will thus be negotiated up front in order to ensure cost containment.

Recruitment advertising

Making full use of our in house marketing department, we offer recruitment advertising for our clients where we believe that this approach is appropriate. The creation of raised visibility can be effectively utilised as a marketing exercise where staff, clients, competitors and the market in general can be informed of developments through a carefully worded and well positioned recruitment advertisement.

Our preference is to partner our clients in the marketing of the positions and as our name is associated we take full responsibility for the effective communication to all applicants. Our modus operandi is to respond to all applications, whether they are deemed to be suitable or not. This we believe elevates the client's level of professionalism within the market. Continuous, on-going feedback is thereafter also guaranteed to all applicants and our client as part of the process.

Where an assignment of this nature is undertaken, the joint commitments and expectations are documented up front in a comprehensive proposal that also provides insight and recommendations as to the timing, recommended placement of the advertising and the costs involved. Successful campaigns of this nature have been undertaken with leading organisations such as Microsoft, SAP, JD Edwards (PeopleSoft) and Price Waterhouse Coopers. The differentiating factor offered in this service are the design and copywriting skills, which efficiently depict the needs of the client, incorporating these into an effective marketing and recruitment campaign.

As we can populate our own internal database through such an exercise a fee of 10% is charged for each successful placement made. The client takes responsibility for all advertisement costs.


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