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What’s the secret to good recruitment?

The integral Executive Personal Coaching offered by The People Business is a supportive one on one relationship which focuses primarily on helping the client develop to his or her full potential.


Through coaching, individuals can become exponentially more effective by developing their intuition and establish powerful, self-sustaining systems.

In short, it’s the special effort that consultants make in getting to know and understand their clients. TPB remains acutely aware of the fact that its clients and candidates are unique. Each has individual needs and, as such, requires tailored solutions.

Why should I deal with TPB rather then some other recruitment firm?

TPB’s consultants have an unchallenged and intimate knowledge of the IT, financial, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries. This enables them to be pro-active in addressing changes within the marketplace.

How does TPB source candidates?

TPB attracts candidates through referrals from other candidates whom we have previously assisted as well as advertising in a variety of professional magazines, national newspapers and the Internet. Also, referrals through other consultancies that operate in geographical or technical areas outside that of TPB assist here. Also, TPB has access to a sophisticated database, which was developed specifically in order to keep up to date with active applicants. This database currently lists well over 9 000 professionals.

What is the process of recruitment?

Recruitment utilises a comprehensive screening programme that has been specially developed by the organisation to ensure a consistent approach. All candidates undergo a two-step interview process with the consultant concerned. An in-depth interview is conducted first, at which the candidate completes a personality profile, the results of the personality testing are discussed as well as career opportunities for the candidate. A CV is then developed before submission to the client. If required by the client, detailed references are also taken on all candidates.

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