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People Development

Monthly Focus

Leadership Development through Group Coaching

Group coaching and development is a carefully facilitated process that effectively utilises the existing group dynamics within a particular divisional team or hierarchical level. Utilising the information presented from a Leadership Audit*, the process follows the exact needs that were revealed, as this information has taken into account and effectively captured the actual potential for growth of the participating individuals within the existing business context.

Group Coaching necessitates the use of a skilled facilitator who, whatever the nature or seniority of the participating individuals, is able to ensure the growth of the team.The processes involved include the provision of appropriately focused supportive documentation, the introduction of facilitated conversations, healthy debates and team projects. All of these dimensions serve to uphold the overall process. This approach has been proven to ensure that the whole of the participating team is supported by the continued development of exemplary leadership, but shall also cement the relationships between the participating individuals and ensures the development and upliftment of interdepartmental relationships based upon this leadership approach.


  1.          Behavioural development 
  2.          Amplification of core values
  3.          Individual understanding
  4.          Increased team appreciation
  5.          Active debate
  6.          Group work
  7.          Immediate application
  8.          Simultaneous development

* Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our comprehensive Leadership Audit.

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