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People Development


Interpersonal Skills Programme...

"The programme was motivational, eye opening, well structured and a lot of fun. Good team building exercises and clever ways to get people to express themselves. The programme helped me identify the dynamics that exist within the company and the team, as well as the way other people see me." - Pravir Seeripat, Accounts Team Leader - ADP

"The programme is educational, thought provoking and challenging. You can not use the excuse “ I did not know” ever again. I have learnt that to change the tings around you, you have to change yourself and we have been given the tools / means to do just that today."
Lionel Andrews, Team Leader Commercial - ADP

High Potential Programmes...

"Syngenta associates with high quality people and that is why we have partnered with The People Business on the Key Talent Programme."
Antoni Delport, MD Syngenta

"Thank you for your dedication, commitment and ongoing support to this group and to Antonie and myself. We appreciate the effort, the personal touch and the understanding of our needs very much." Kate Tucker, HR Manager Syngenta

On Presentation Skills . . .

“Jenny is confident and the training was awesome - wonderful experience.” Salome Kwant, Technical Support Manager - Compuware SA

“It was highly beneficial and I would recommend it to anyone.” Ulze Moss, Business Development- RentWorks

"One of the few courses I have attended where I was not once bored. Jenny focuses on bringing the best out in a person, even when being critical." Sandra Hunt, Pre-Sales Consultant - Oracle Corporation SA

On Climate Surveys . . .

“The climate surveys conducted at Oracle by The People Business over the last 2 years have resulted in very positive feedback from both managers and employees” Liz Morris, HR Manager - Oracle Corporation SA

“One of the major advantages of a climate survey is that everyone is brought into the process and as such, everyone buys into the process. With this level of commitment, the accuracy of the results is obviously enhanced. The results of the climate survey have given our staff members very clear objectives and incentives. It is now easier to know what the company wants and needs, and what has to be done in order to achieve this.” Geoff Mason, Managing Director - BioLabs SA

“An extremely valuable exercise that addresses problems and puts the onus on the manager to ensure execution and feedback.”
Pierre Bornman, Manager: Projects - IFS

On Customer Services . . .

"Thank you for an excellent programme! We learnt so much about ourselves, each other and what can be achieved through effective communication and customer service. I believe we now have the tools we need to deliver the service excellence that we are striving for ...”
Jenny Culhane, Manager: Customer Knowledge Zone - The SAS Institute

“The programme was excellent and really taught me a lot about communicating with others in the most effective way. I now know how to go out and dazzle our customers!” Richard Jagada, Telesales - Compuware SA

“Having completed the Customer Services programme I would describe it as very interesting and motivating. The facilitator was very observant and energetic.” Vanie Govender, Customer Service Consultant - Tyco Healthcare