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Resonant Leadership
Authors: Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee

We've all seen it in the ambitious leader who enjoys great success and then, inexplicably, crashes and burns. Perhaps this leader has been you. Why does this happen, in spite of the leader's vision, talent, and emotional intelligence? Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee, argue that today's leaders face unprecedented challenges that result in a vicious cycle of stress and sacrifice, with little or no recovery time built in. Consequently, even the most resonant leaders - whose ability to deftly manage their own and others' emotions once drove their companies to greatness - end up spiraling into dissonance.

Resonan Leadership

Resonant Leadership provides a practical framework for how leaders can create and sustain resonance in their relationships, their teams and their organisations. To counter the inevitable "power stress" of the leadership role, leaders must consciously manage the "Cycle of Sacrifice and Renewal" by stepping out of destructive patterns and renewing themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. Through vivid examples from the front lines of organisations worldwide, Resonant Leadership illustrates the ways that three key elements - mindfulness, hope and compassion - are essential to enabling renewal and sustaining resonance.

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