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Outsourcing - hidden pitfalls & phenomenal benefits.

Flexible reward structures. Ensuring benefits suit employee and company needs

SAP, MS engineers in short supply [Johannesburg, 8 March 2006]


SAP and Microsoft engineers are being ‘poached' in growing numbers, say some industry players.

Gov see no skills in SA [ 28 February 2006]


Amid widespread outrage at government's announcement that it plans to attract foreign ICT skills to the country, a state official denied SA possesses any of the sought-after skills. He also rejected any notion that certain race groups' chances of employment have been affected by affirmative action.

Software AG SA launches internship [Johannesburg, 16 February 2006]

In a determined bid to address specific technical skills gaps in the IT industry, Software AG South Africa has launched an internship focused on skills development, the upliftment of previously disadvantaged individuals and empowerment.

Learnerships: The past three years in review - Jenny Senneck [Johannesburg, 26 May 2005]

In looking at the success of learnerships over the past year, some things are glaringly evident - this brilliant concept of developing individuals funded by the SETAs is being abused and seen, by some companies, as a moneymaking opportunity.

To assess or not to assess - Mark Fraser Grant
[ 17 February 2005 ]

Companies wanting to minimise poor recruitment choices often turn to assessment tools. But which assessment type to choose? And is this method in line with labour law?

The 2004 Recruitment Year in review- Mark Fraser Grant [ 12 January 2005 ]

A look at the state of the recruitment industry and what can be expected in this sector in 2005.

STEP's third class graduates [Johannesburg, 13 December 2004]


Compuware's third STEP (Software Testing Empowerment Programme) Academy has produced its third class of 12 previously disadvantaged graduates – all girls.

New recruitment model digs deeper for talent [Johannesburg, 19 November 2004]


The People Business (TPB) – Recruitment has developed a model which it hopes will change the way recruitment is perceived.

SME"s must leverage HR practices [Johannesburg, 11 November 2004]

There is huge business value that can be unlocked by SMEs that apply business-related HR practices to develop and manage their staff.

TPB soothes public speaking fears - Jenny Senneck [Johannesburg, 12 November 2004]

The most important attributes of a CEO are interpersonal skills coupled with the ability to influence with integrity.

Traditional or E-recruitment - Mark Fraser-Grant { 20 September 2004 ]

For most companies, e-recruitment is still in its infancy, mostly attracting those driven to cut recruitment costs.

72 000 of SA's unemployed to be in learnerships by next year [Johannesburg, 10 October 2003]

"Some 72 000 unemployed youth must be in learnerships by May 2004." These are the words of Charles Mooke, Deputy Director of Learnerships and Skills Development for the Department of Labour, at a breakfast hosted by The People Business in Lonehill last week.

Bus Skill Train Successful again - [Johannesburg, 21 May 2004]

The People Business business skills programme has once again been hugely successful at Compuware. Twelve students graduated from the STEP Academy on Friday after presenting to Compuware business partners and members of the press.

Mark second column IT Web - Countering Counter offers

It is not wise to fall into the counter-offer trap. Companies should rather address the causes of staff turnover.

Are head hunters worth the fee? - Mark Fraser-Grant [ Johannesburg, 21 May 2004 ]

Thanks to poor delivery, fly-by-night operations, mismanagement of candidates and poor ethics, many companies are re-evaluating the value of headhunters.

TPB secures SETA payroll deal [Johannesburg, 10 March 2004]

The People Business - Human Resources Consulting, a member of The People Business (TPB) Group of Companies, has secured the payroll for Project Learning Point, an initiative driven by the Services SETA.

TPB appoints new business development head [Johannesburg, 4 March 2004]

Rosemary Dlamini-Abrahams has been appointed business development executive at The People Business (TPB) as part of the group's commitment to its recently relaunched recruitment division.

The People Business re-launches recruitment arm [Johannesburg, 3 February 2004]

The People Business (TPB) group of companies has successfully re-launched its recruitment brand, with a special focus on the financial services, ICT and pharmaceutical industry sectors.





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