Specialist Facilitation and Consulting Services

General Facilitation

Our general facilitation services offer an opportunity for individuals to engage each other in constructive debates, discussion, quality conversations, brain storming sessions etc. Our Facilitators, all members of our Coaching Fraternity, use expert command skills and the GIFM© methodology to steer the facilitation towards identified and clearly measurable outcomes, while laying down the rules of engagement, communicating the purpose, the agenda as well as the desired outcomes of the facilitation session.


Jill Hamlyn Master Coach

Strategic Facilitation

In any organisation there is one critical question that has to be asked more frequently than most: where are we going and how are we going to get there? Developing a company strategy is something that often requires the guidance of an objective facilitator to ensure that each team member is empowered to deliver creative input and take ownership for their part and long-term commitment to the identified strategy.

Sales Coaching Programme

This is an intervention that focuses on the development of core sales skills and supporting leadership behavioural competencies that enable sales consultants to raise their individual levels of sales effectiveness and professionalism. The programme develops comprehensive skills empowering sales consultants to practically apply their learnt skills back within the business, raising their level of influence and sales ability over time, making the development sustainable.

Mentorship Induction

This programme addresses the varying needs of Managers and Mentees in order to ensure an increased understanding of and commitment to their appointment as Mentors and Mentees. Through the introduction of two complementary programmes running consecutively, the Mentors and Mentees will be drawn together by mutual respect and an enhanced appreciation of others.

Foundational Management Programme

Currently the highest attrition rates within business exist at junior and middle management levels. Too often "new" managers or current junior to middle level managers are expected to operate at a level they have not been adequately prepared for. This places these managers in an unfair position, which solicits unnecessary stress and prevents them from reaching their full potential within their environment. For this reason we have designed a programme specifically aimed at raising the skills of managers that need to increase their level of knowledge and influence. The programme covers various key skills and behavioural competencies required by all managers.

Modules are to be prioritised based on the company culture and critical need. In support of monthly development sessions each delegate can also be assigned an external mentor to support and drive the practical implementation of the skills learnt in the modulised development sessions.

High Potential Programme (HPP) Fast Tracking Talent

There are various reasons why companies invest in HPP's, amongst others: for the purpose of retention of staff, succession planning, investing in employee loyalty, accelerated development or simply that a number of individuals have been identified as possible future leaders of the business and require a focused programme which adopts afacilitative approach allowing for fast tracking of specific skills.

Business Orientation Programme supporting Learnerships and PDI Academies

This programme is aimed at the development of general life skills and basic business skills and acumen, in conjunction with a technical internship, learnership or academy. The Business Orientation Skills (BOS) programme lays down a foundation of maturity and superior interpersonal skills that serve to enhance the commitment level of delegates to the technical programme and facilitates their integration into the working world after the completion of both the technical and BOS programmes.

Organisational Climate Surveys

Working in conjunction with the HR department and/or senior executives, we conduct detailed climate surveys of companies and various departments. The information provided helps senior personnel make informed staffing decisions, identify key risk areas, and highlight any salary discrepancies or other possible issues. A risk analysis report is provided which highlights people and positions that may be of particular importance to the success or survival of the department or the company.


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