Leadership Coaching Academy

Building upon the depth of recognised practical coaching experience, our Leadership Coaching Academy is a recognised programme that serves to enable people who are currently practicing as coaches, or alternatively have little or no experience in this arena, to enhance their abilities in getting measurable results from others through a well defined and practical insight into the coaching process that is supported by expertly documented literature.


Jill Hamlyn Master Coach

Being outcomes based, the developmental intervention concentrates on enabling individuals though the creation of a solid grounding in both the business and behavioural frameworks in which the practice of executive personal coaching currently exists. The programme consists of 2 Phases the Foundational Overview (Phase 1) and the Practical Coaching intervention (Phase 2).

Phase 1 - Foundational Overview of Coaching

The programme focuses on defining and contextualising Executive Personal & Leadership Coaching (EPLC) within the current business environment. The programme provides participants with an understanding of the fundamentals of EPLC. The origination, history and concepts of EPLC are explored in relation to other disciplines such as mentoring, facilitation, therapy and counseling.

Audience: Any persons interested in gaining a detailed insight into coaching as a developmental intervention within today's current business environment. Persons who would like to gain solid and well grounded coaching insights in order to develop their skills within the coaching arena and those who are currently practicing as Leadership Coaches who desire to raise their skills level, aligning themselves with professional methodologies and practices.

This programme is broken up into 7 modules and compulsory for everyone who wishes to participate in the full 6 month Practical Programme:

Module 1: Coaching Fundamentals
Module 2: Coaching Context
Module 3: Coaching Models / Methodologies
Module 4: Coaching Skills
Module 5: Coaching Journey
Module 6: Coaching Tools
Module 7: Coaching Best Practice

Upon completion of this phase participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the key principles and practices of EPLC.
  • Compare and contrast well renowned coaching models.
  • Demonstrate insight into the appropriate use of coaching tools.
  • Display knowledge of the skills required to be an effective EPLC.

Phase 2 - Practical Leadership Coaching Academy

The Foundational Overview (Phase 1) is a prerequisite for the Practical Leadership Coaching Academy (Phase 2). The 6-month Practical Programme builds on and converts the theory covered in the first few modules, translating this into practical methodologies, disciplines and insights.

The aim of the Practical Leadership Coaching Academy is to further develop individuals to enhance their abilities in getting measurable results from others. The programme is conducted in a hands-on classroom environment of coached applications and instant feedback in order to ensure the development of genuine performance improvement in others. The skills and methodologies are clear and measurable, and through experiential learning, a practical assignment and one-on-one mentorship, participants gain an immediate sense of success and confidence.

The group workshops offer insights into the coaching arena, and each trainee Leadership Coach is treated as an Intern, simultaneously working on a one-on-one basis with a Master Coach and Mentor, who supervises all Intern Coaches.

Believing that both mentoring and coaching are highly responsible and professional leadership skills, we are of the opinion that it is in the interest of all participants to not only have facts, theory, practical methodologies and professional support in the implementation of these disciplines within the organisation, but that there should be a controlled process that supports an effective implementation.

Appropriate reading, theoretical debate and general group discussions ensure accelerated, practically focused learning, the outcome being inspiring thought, individual growth and enhanced understanding of the discipline of Executive Personal & Leadership Coaching. The content of this programme addresses self-discovery combined with theoretical insight into the basic principles of individual and group dynamics within the workplace.

Academy Breakdown

This highly practical programme is broken up into 6 distinct streams namely:
Stream 1: Group interaction (sharing, discussion and learning) for 4 hours per month.
Stream 2: A practical coaching assignment with an assigned Coachee for 20 hours.
Stream 3: One-on-one supervision with a Coaching Supervisor on a monthly basis for 8-10 sessions.
Stream 4: Individual one-on-one Executive Personal & Leadership Coaching
Stream 5: Conclusion and cementation of skills (Journey Report)
Stream 6: Evaluation Process

Benefits of attending this programme:

  • Peer-to-peer interaction and learning sessions, facilitated by a Master Executive Coach.
  • Substantial theoretical research presented in modular format, including proven practical tools and techniques useful for each stage of the coaching intervention.
  • Comprehensive assessment tools and methodologies to track the development and growth of the Intern Coach and in turn their Intern Coachee, making both their objectives measurable and specific.
  • Regular one-on-one supervisory sessions with the Intern Coach and a Coaching Supervisor prior to each coaching session, infusing the Intern Coach with confidence and insight into particular scenarios relevant to their intervention.
  • First hand experience of being coached by an Executive Leadership Coach, providing a mirror experience, allowing the Intern Coach to grow greater sensitivity and discernment around what coachees typically experience.

***Alternatively, should an organisation want to develop a group of individuals as coaches, the same Coaching Development programme can be run as an in-house academy at the client site for a maximum of 10 delegates.


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