Coaching Fraternity

Driven by the success of TPBG Leadership Coaching Academy, and having developed a suitable capacity of highly experienced individuals who are engaged in the field of Leadership Coaching, a formal Coaching Fraternity was set up.

Working under TPBG umbrella, qualified Executive Personal Coaches and Facilitators work both as individuals and in teams in order to deliver a variety of leadership interventions, as reflected within this Leadership Crafting profile.

The Coaching Fraternity is based
on the following:


Jill Hamlyn Business Coach

  • All members of the Coaching Fraternity have had practical business expertise and thus have a solid understanding of organisational dynamics.
  • The experience within the Coaching Fraternity ranges from Senior Professionals within a number of mainstream functions (Accounting, HR, Marketing, Operations, IT, Legal) through to Executive and Non-Executive Directors of varying sizes of organisations.
  • Each one of our Coaches has successfully completed our 2-Day Foundational Overview of Coaching Programme and has graduated from our 6-Month intensive Practical Programme.
  • The criteria for acceptance on to the Practical Programme are based upon a variety of proven interpersonal skills, integrity and maturity.
  • Having undertaken a minimum number of coaching assignments each of the Coaching Fraternity members is able to define their individual offerings and has a depth of understanding of the value add they personally bring to the Executive Personal and Leadership Coaching environment.
  • Each member of the Coaching Fraternity is committed to continually updating their practical and theoretical skills and thus attends regular educational sessions, run by TPBG.
  • One of the underlying skills that each member of the Coaching Fraternity utilises is a practical leadership ability that is essential in enabling the maturation and building of current and future leaders through the coaching process.

Accountability by TPBG is part of the delivery of the agreed services. Where a number of coaching assignments are undertaken within one organisation, a project coordinator is assigned to liaise with key sponsors.

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