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Human Resources


The People Business Group's Human Resources Division works closely with Management to map, design and implement HR Solutions that best suit the needs of the business. Our approach is an initial analysis, which assists in developing an intimate knowledge of the company culture and in turn a strategy aligned with risk priorities and the business's stated objectives. The solutions are integrated with work that has already been completed in the business. All deliverables are rolled out with the follow-on project in mind, and each rolled out project compliments the last.

Dependant on individual company requirements, TPBG can provide specialists in; Labour Law, Strategic Human Resources Management and General Human Resources Management.

Our constant focus on and research into case law and amendments to legislation ensures you are on a strong footing every step of the way.

Strategic HR Advice

Very often perspectives, and thereby opportunities, are narrowed simply by the nature of business competition. At the end of the day, we are left contemplating if the methods we have devised will work, what has been proven to be effective in the market, is there another way to do things out there? The People Business Group's HR Division offers practical advice and guidance on the following:

  • Performance Management

  • Skills Development Strategies

  • Staff Retention

On-site Human Resources Retainers

The development of a Human Resources system is often born out of need in a small business after feeling the burden of not having a focused resource. Small and medium businesses often do not need the dedication and expense of a full function when the function can be outsourced to professionals who can “get the job done”. Constraints of legislation and the aggressive competitive environment means that every job is turned over twice and validated, performance and output must be tracked, and development must take place to keep the leading edge. Our approach to HR is two-fold - firstly to ensure compliance and manage risk followed on by managing skill. These two phases build on each other to establish an integrated HR environment, which drives the values and objectives of the business.

Any on the services listed below can be offered on an ad hoc basis in a new or existing human resources structure, as per clients individual requirements. Each requirement is managed and addressed as an independent project, and each project that follows is managed within the identified project plan.

Services offerings include:

  • Compliance with prevailing labour legislation and precedent

  • Employment equity reporting, planning and consultation

  • Risk policies and procedures

  • Skills development planning

  • Recruitment and selection, discipline

  • Implementation of administrative and tracking tools, record-keeping

  • Induction process

  • Administrative policies and procedures

  • Employee life-cycle management

  • Awareness campaigns to facilitate change and consultation

  • Management training and advice

  • Organisational charts

  • Manager and employee handbooks

  • Job descriptions, job specifications and job activity analysis

  • Competence definitions in terms of knowledge and skill

  • Job life-cycle management

  • Formulation of interview profiles

  • Conducting screening interviews

  • Performance management systems, tools, training and validation

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