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Human Resources


Why Outsourcing?

Research conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC) indicates that the role Human Resources plays is becoming increasingly complex, and is thus sparking a need for HR outsourcing.

New technologies, globalisation strategies and lack of a skilled employee pool are some of the factors complicating HR's roles, IDC says, and many companies are outsourcing some of their HR functions to help deal with these challenges.

Further research on the benefits of outsourcing abounds and has been conducted by companies like the Gartner Group, the Bureau of National Affairs and Accenture. In the recent Accenture survey of more than 800 executives in the US and Europe, 86% said outsourcing gives them more control over business results in a variety of critical areas, the most important being the ability to plan. According to a leading Accenture partner, “Industry leaders are beginning to view outsourcing as a prescription for change versus an antidote to rising costs.”

According to Gartner Research conducted in 2003, the “out” in outsourcing is to be replaced by “strategic” as the nature of business evolves to meet an ever-faster changing pace. We have positioned ourselves as strategic HR partners since inception, focusing on a strategic sourcing service that provides a flexible option for clients.


Benefits of strategic sourcing through The People Business Group include:

  • Enhanced Performance by staying ahead by using the proven expertise in the key areas that are the business focus of the external partner.

  • Released Potential whereby key players have more time to focus on their performance, as extra and time-consuming tasks are removed and the outsourced partner is responsible for the full management of the staff on site.

  • Immediate productivity, as the experienced consultants on site at your organisation is able to assimilate immediately into the workplace and become productive and effective.

  • Lower Overheads because of the elimination of the cost of providing services in house, or support services, training costs, fringe benefits, use of company resources, management time, transport, staff welfare and other associated costs with permanent employees (e.g leave pay, recruitment costs).

  • Objectivity and extreme confidentiality in dealing with the HR and payroll issues a company faces on a daily basis, as the external consultants are able to remain outside of the situation and provide the service more efficiently.

  • Continual coverage and availability of experienced resources. In the event that a consultant goes on leave or is off sick, another resource is immediately assigned to the company to ensure continuity, unlike in the case of a permanent employee.