Payroll Solutions

There are many aspects that motivate employees to contribute effectively to the business. Remuneration plays an integral role in the relationship between employer and employee. Careful management of every individual's remuneration and effective management of the costs involved is imperative in the retention of talent and skill.

By partnering with best-of-breed software giant, Softline VIP, we remain constantly aware of enhancements to the software and offer expert reporting tailored to every business' individual needs.


Jill Hamlyn Master Coach

All of our Payroll Consultants are on an advanced skill level, and are registered with the South African Payroll Association (SAPA). SAPA is affiliated to other worldwide professional payroll associations and has one common goal: To promote excellence in the payroll profession.

Our Payroll Consultants are constantly developed on software, remuneration methodology and tax amendments. We also offer advice on structuring and legal compliance of package structures.

Services offered include:

  • Development, implementation and maintenance of salary administration processes

  • Management and liaison with Benefit Fund and related service providers

  • Maintenance of the payroll system with updates when applicable

  • Set-up and processing of new, existing and discharged employees and salary increments

  • Commission, bonus and incentive administration and payment

  • Leave administration, control and forfeiting

  • Strict financial controls around transferring of salaries and creating batches

  • Salary journal information

  • Effective resolution of all payroll queries

  • Record-keeping (including Personnel Files)

  • Employment Equity linking and workforce profile reporting

  • Skills development linking and reporting



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