Geraldine has a BA degree majoring in languages, as well as an accounting diploma. She is currently studying through UNISA and adding another European language to her skill set. She has had 27 years’ experience in the business world, mostly from owning and running her own businesses. From this she has had ‘hands-on’ experience of employing, training, upskilling and motivating staff at all levels. She understands thoroughly what it means when “the buck stops here”, and how important it is to have a motivated and happy workforce.

She is a qualified NLP practitioner and has many years experience in this field.

She has excellent inter-personal and communication skills across broad societal sectors, and gains satisfaction from helping people to achieve their greatest potential, which she believes is everyone’s right. She has focused in the financial and marketing fields, and has worked for a major corporate in their marketing and training division. She came across the “Best Year Yet®” strategic planning and implementation system in 2001 and added the certification to use the material to her toolkit. She is also a strong proponent of the principles that Nancy Kline lays out in “Time to Think”, as well as Byron Katie’s sensitive, no-nonsense approach in “The Work”.

Geraldine is widely read in the fields of business, self-help and personal development, and continuously strives to acquire more knowledge and skills in the interests of giving her best in the coaching and training fields.

According to the Gallup Strengthsfinder® profile, Geraldine’s top 5 strengths are the following :

INPUT – she has “the kind of mind that finds so many things interesting”. This talent is most useful in working in the diverse cultures and businesses of our society.
ACTIVATOR – deep down she knows that “only action is real. The bottom line is this : You will be judged not by what you say, not by what you think, but by what you get done. This does not frighten you. It pleases you.” She uses this skill to translate it into effective motivation for those she works with.
FOCUS – she “instinctively evaluates whether or not a particular action will help move [people] towards their goals”. She “keeps everyone on the point”.
LEARNER – she “loves to learn”. She “thrives in a dynamic work environment where she is asked to take on new projects and is expected to learn a lot about the new subject matter in a short period of time”. This skill enables her to identify and connect with people from all walks of life and business and help them be the best they can be. She is well-placed in a consulting role.
SELF-ASSURANCE – She is “able to take risks, meet new challenges and, most important able to deliver. Self-assurance is more than just self-confidence, it is, in the deepest part of you, faith in your strengths. This theme lends an aura of certainty.”

She has natural leadership qualities with this strength, and, coupled with the others and her enduring love of people, she is well-equipped to help others achieve their potential.

Strengths and Experience Summary

  • Extensive experience in running small businesses
  • Corporate experience in the financial field
  • An excellent track record in the facilitation of the formation and implementation of strategic planning programmes
  • As an employer she encouraged and motivated staff to expand their own horizons and achieve more than they thought they could, supporting their growth through good times and bad, and constantly remained sensitive to their optimal level of development
  • Trained staff for one of the major banks with the implications and implementation of the new National Credit Act
  • Trained and coached personnel at all levels in the Motor Industry and Services sectors to cope with the downturn in the economy.

Personal attributes and inherent skills

  • Particularly high level of written, verbal and observational communication skills
  • Ability to keep people interested and highly motivated in the tasks/learning/projects at hand
  • Constantly on a “learning” quest, and is consistently seeking out new ideas
  • Ability to read and assimilate material very quickly
  • High “analytical” score in the personality traits – an ability to sift and sort meaningfully through quantities of information
  • Ability to see a “bigger picture” view while simultaneously appreciating the smaller details
  • Ability to help people increase their choices and thus enrich their lives
  • Inherent love of people, coupled with a high level of tolerance, no matter their background or circumstances
  • Ability to see everyone as ‘ok’ and not in need of ‘fixing’, and respect their choices and decisions
  • Deeply insatiable curiosity about the human condition
  • Excellent team player

Geraldine has graduated from The People Business Leadership Coaching Academy and based on her business and coaching experience to date, she qualifies as an Executive Personal & Leadership Coach

References :

“Geraldine helped me to see that it really is quite easy, that it’s possible and within reach. Thanks, I’ve really enjoyed the journey” Owner- small business

“Geraldine is a very good listener. Through her attention I understood myself far far better” General Manager, Computer Wholesalers

“Geraldine impressed me with the way she was able to ask questions that deepened my knowledge and understanding of myself” Brand Manager, Large National

Strategic implementation workshop, facilitated by Geraldine :

Departmental Head, National Corporate









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