Annette has 12 years experience in the middle to executive management field of HR, Payroll, IT, Accounting, and Project management. With her successful track record and exceptional achievements, she currently assists companies in the above fields as a consultant.

Annette, together with a partner, also runs a direct marketing agency in Johannesburg. Her responsibilities vary from recruitment of sales people, training of salespeople, procurement of the products and administrating the financials of the company.

Her passion for integrity and the ability to assess a situation makes her adaptable in any kind of environment and situation. She has been involved in many management programs at different levels of the organisation. She is comfortable in dealing with people from ground to board level and believes that all people are unique and have unique abilities that can be utilised within organisations if the abilities are used in a positive way to get the best results for the company and the people.

Annette's positive commitment and attitude towards the clients, makes it easy for the customers to trust and have faith in her in order to resolve or advise the customer. Her outstanding leadership skills that she gained through the years help her to evaluate and predict possible shortfalls and incomplete strategies within organisations.

Annette has a B.Com degree with a Diploma in Labour law and a Certificate in Project Management. Annette has completed the Coaching Academy through The People Business Group Pty (Ltd) and is a member of the Coaching Fraternity.

    • Experience and Areas of Strength
    • Goal-orientated and self-motivated
    • Experienced at working on own initiative
    • Able to prioritise and organise workload
    • Adhere to deadlines at any cost
    • Full Human Resources discipline
    • Business orientated person who is well organised
    • Track record of successful achievements in various business disciplines
    • Extensive Management, budget and communication skills
    • Confident team leader and team member
    • Coaching
    • Extensive business knowledge in different disciplines and on various levels
    • System research, needs analysis, implementation and support
    • Process re-engineering and development
    • Implementation of Change Management and Performance Management for staff members
    • Training


“Her approachability and listening skills are excellent. She puts herself into people’s shoes. She loves what she does and is really good at it” ~ Middle Manager in large private bank

“Annette was a perfect match, I could not have asked for anyone better” ~ Senior Manager in multinational logistical company.


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