Due to TPBG’s high level of commitment to the coaching industry, Jill, Group MD of TPB, is a founding member of Comensa, a South African nationwide coaching body which promotes professionalism within the coaching and mentoring disciplines through defining ethics, standards and completing research within these fields.

Proudly South African

As part of our commitment to true transformation, sustainable change, job creation and skills development with South Africa, we became a member of Proudly South African in 2003 and is proud to be associated with an organisation which has South Africa's growth at heart.

Services SETA

TPBG has been granted Provisional Accreditation by the Services SETA, which means that clients of TPBG can therefore claim back money invested in any development undertaken from their relevant SETA. The decision number given for the accreditation is 0344/27/05/03


Our Payroll Consultants are of an advanced skill level, and TPBG is registered with the South African Payroll Association (SAPA). SAPA is affiliated to other worldwide professional payroll associations and has one common goal: To promote excellence in the payroll profession.


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